What makes the CAE Flexi course unique and why do our students love it?
published by langports on 19.07.2017
Hi, Everyone 🙂 My name is Stella. I am teaching the CAE Flexi Course at Langports Sydney. Did you know that Langports Sydney has a brand new CAE Fl
How will studying and working at Langports teach you to understand other cultures?
published by langports on 12.07.2017
Hello Everyone! My name is Aron Kim and I am the supervisor of one of the Groups in Langports Brisbane. I was born in Brazil and I am the son of lov
Why was my experience as a TOEIC student at Langports one of the best of my life?
published by langports on 05.07.2017
Hi everyone! I am Yui Akagashi and I am from Japan. I have been in Australia for 9 months.
Have you identified your true learning style?
published by langports on 28.06.2017
Hello, I am Hayden Meads, the Director of Studies at Langports Gold Coast, today I would like to talk about different learning styles! Learning a sec
Admiring our students!
published by langports on 21.06.2017
Hi everyone! I am Leona Siano, Langports Sydney‘s Receptionist. Today I will be writing about you, and how much I admire you.
What does it mean to be an International Student?
published by langports on 14.06.2017
Hello, my name is Claudia Salazar and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for the Latin America region at Langports. Today, I would like to discuss wh
What are the differences between TOEIC and IELTS exams?
published by langports on 07.06.2017
Hi everyone! My name is Fabiana Traversin. I am a teacher at Langports Brisbane, but at the moment, I am working as Acting Assistant Director of Studi
How students can make the most of their time here in Australia?
published by langports on 30.05.2017
Hey Everyone! We are Beatriz & Shane the Receptionist & Recreation Officer at Langports Gold Coast! Today we would like to talk about our da
6 Reasons Why You will love living and studying on the Gold Coast
published by langports on 24.05.2017
Hi, I’m Haley, the Marketing & Communications Intern at Langports. Today, I would like to share with you 6 reasons why you will love living and
What does it mean to be an academic manager at Langports?
published by langports on 17.05.2017
Hello, My name is Rachel Schultz, by the end of this year, I will have been working at Langports for 10 years and have been working in the role of Ass
How to enjoy your weekends in Australia?
published by langports on 10.05.2017
My names Angus and I am the Recreation & Community Engagement Officer at Langports in Brisbane.    
How do I get a visa to study in Australia?
published by langports on 03.05.2017
If you’re considering studying English in Australia, then you’re probably thinking about some of the practical steps you’ll need to