Cambridge Experience at Langports
published by langports on 05.04.2017
Hi! It’s Terry here. I’m the Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane and, as I am also the Cambridge Coordinator for Brisbane, I’m g
What You Need to Buy to Get Started in Australia
published by langports on 29.03.2017
Hello, From all of us at Langports Sydney! My name is Nicole and I am the Principal at Langports Sydney. Today I would like to talk about what you nee
Internship at Langports – A precious experience in my life
published by langports on 22.03.2017
Hello, I’m Hiromi from Japan and I used to work as an Intern at Langports helping the Marketing Team for almost 4 months. Throughout this blog, I w
Structural Overview of the Academic IELTS exam
published by langports on 15.03.2017
Hi, I am Hayden, the Director of studies at Langports Gold Cast. Today I am going to overview the structure of IELTS exam. One of the most commonly t
Langports Activities – Eat Street Markets
published by langports on 08.03.2017
Hi everyone! I am Marcela Parada, the Enrolments Officer at Langports Brisbane. Today, I would like to share with you my experience at Eat Streets Mar
Langports English + Demi-pair Program
published by langports on 01.03.2017
Hi Everyone!! Greetings from the Langports Marketing Team! In today’s blog, we would like to talk about our English + Demi-pair program and why
My lovely homeland – Iran
published by Marion on 22.02.2017
Everybody knows that Langports celebrates diversity and welcomes students from so many different countries, but did you know that the Langports’ tea
The Library – the forgotten gem!
published by langports on 15.02.2017
Hi everyone! We are Birgit (Director of Studies) and Danni (Acting Assistant Director of Studies) at Langports Sydney. In today’s blog, we woul
English – A Truly International Language
published by Marion on 08.02.2017
 Hi Guys, It’s Matt here, Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane. Today, I want to look at English and explain why it truly is an international
Langports’ Cambridge Closed Courses
published by Marion on 01.02.2017
Hello everyone!! Greetings from the Langports’ Marketing Team 🙂 Today, we specially want to talk about the benefits students can get after do
The best things about being a host family
published by Marion on 25.01.2017
My name is Bronwyn Ellens and I have been homestay mother for Langports Sydney for about a year now. I have two boys in their 20’s. One son is a
My wonderful experience with Langports
published by Marion on 18.01.2017
Hello! I want to talk about my experience at Langports School in Brisbane, my name is Veronica Valdez and I am Ambassador of Queensland!