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Travelling, studying, and how to enjoy them both!
published by langports on 15.11.2017
Hi everyone! If you have walked into the Langports Sydney campus any time in the last 3 weeks and seen a new smiling face at reception, then you have
What to do with your summer in Australia
published by langports on 08.11.2017
Hello everyone! My name is Owen, and I’m the most recent (and most Canadian) member of Langport’s marketing team. As you’ve probably
Langports UFO English Program
published by langports on 01.11.2017
G’day guys! It’s Matt here, Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane. At Langports, we have heaps of fantastic English language programs and we o
Traveling – Leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
published by langports on 25.10.2017
Hello my name is Shane and I’m the Recreation and Community Engagement Officer at Langports Gold Coast. In Today’s Blog, I get to share my persona
Meet The Langports Team! Nicole and John
published by langports on 18.10.2017
In today’s blog, we would like to share the profiles of our Sydney & Gold Coast’s Principals (Nicole Capodieci & John Finlayson).
At Langports, we love making a difference!
published by langports on 04.10.2017
Hello there it’s Anna and Jake here. Some of you may have seen us around, but don’t know us. We the Marketing Director and Groups Director of Lang
Why students should choose the TOEIC+ course at Langports?
published by langports on 27.09.2017
Hey everyone! My name is Neeka, and I am an ESL teacher at Langports Sydney. I am currently in the middle of teaching the second cycle of TOEIC which
Whale Watching Activity – the perfect opportunity to see humpback whales in the wild!
published by langports on 20.09.2017
  Hi everyone! My name is Marcela. I’m the Enrolments Officer at Langports Brisbane and I’m going to share with you our last Langports Brisba
What has been happening in the Academic Department at Langports Gold Coast ?
published by langports on 13.09.2017
Hi all and welcome to this week’s blog, brought to you by me, Hayden Meads, the Director of Studies at our Gold Coast school.
Langports English Exam Centre
published by langports on 06.09.2017
Hello all! My name is Kathy and I am the Centre Exams Manager (CEM) here at Langports English Exam Centre (LEEC).