10 apps to download when arriving in Australia


photoHello everyone from the Marketing Team!

Arriving in Australia is an exciting experience but it can also be a bit stressful for some of our students. They often wonder if they will be able to express themselves in English, find their way in the city or make new friends. The good news is that all our new students are taken on a tour on their first day to become more familiar with their new environment. To provide our students with additional information, we also have listed 10 apps that can help them with everything from translating words to finding the latest event in town. Let’s have a look!

  1.  My Translink or Trip View Sydney

unnamed87OXPMHTIf you are studying in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, My TransLink gives you the most relevant bus, train, ferry and tram information. It’s simple to use and can save you a lot of time when looking for an itinerary. It’s definitely a must have! (Available for iPhone & android)

unnamedAWQTZBE2If you are studying in Sydney, you should download the Trip View Sydney app. This app displays Sydney train, bus and ferry timetable data on your phone. It features a summary view showing your next services, as well as a full timetable viewer. All timetable data is stored on your phone, so it can be used offline. (Available for iPhone & android)

 2.  iGetAbout Australia

e2SswK4bfd0uk3Sod01M6w-temp-upload_tcpidmvkiGetAbout Australia is an app that will help you to organise your weekend or holidays trips in Australia. You will access valuable information such as where to go and what to do in Australia. The application lists over 1 750 things to do or tours to go on and over 9400 places to stay! (iPhone only)


  1. Aussie Audio Slang

unnamedKNKLPJ57Aussie Audio Slang is a free app that contains audio examples of Aussie slang and phrases and is the best way to learn (and laugh at) the language used day to day by us Aussies! (Available for iPhone & android)


  1. Oxford Dictionary


This app will help you to understand English words better. Just enter the word needed and get a definition of it. (Available for iPhone & android)


  1. Self-control for Study

unnamedHMGGJWX6It can be a real challenge to actually focus on achieving one task without being distracted by other content such as Facebook or Instagram. Self-control for Study is an app that helps you to reduce the use of smart phones by blocking the access to some websites and avoid being distracted. For example, you can ban social media apps for a certain amount of time to focus more on what you’re studying! (Android only)


6. Scribd

unnamedWQNVFO35Scribd is the world’s biggest online library! It helps students find thousands of documents and books. You can create your own library with different notes, texts and books. To access this information students must pay a $AUD8.99 fee each month. (Available for iPhone & android)



  1. iTunes U

icon175x175iTunes U is the best way to create and experience courses on iPad.  The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools – plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content – right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. (iPhone only)


  1. Gumtree

unnamed5G9L507KGumtree is a free app where you can find everything you need from a bedside table to tickets for a concert, a student job or a place to rent.


  1. Urbanspoon

icon175x176Urbanspoon is an online local bar and restaurant guide that groups reviews of previous customers. If you are looking for a place to have a drink or a bite, it might be useful to read previous customers’ feedback and have a look at the menu before going there. (Available for iPhone & android).


  1. Langports App (iPhone only)

icon175x177Don’t forget to download our free app to view your timetable and attendance score, read our latest news, book activities and much more!