What to consider before arriving in Australia


Matt Hopkins_DOSHi Guys, it’s Matt here, the Director of Studies of Langports Brisbane.

Making the decision to come to Australia and study at Langports is a big step for many of you, and an important milestone in your lives. Let’s face it, Australia is a long way for most of you to travel to and you are committing several weeks or months of your time to study English. Therefore, Langports wants to make sure you have the best possible experience during your time in Australia.

To help make the most of your academic experience, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before you depart about what you want to achieve at Langports:

  • How many weeks can I commit to studying English at Langports?
  • What courses do I want to take?
  • If I am going to take an exam course, have I checked that the dates of my enrolment are at the same time of a particular exam course?
  • Am I going to focus 100% on studying, or am I going to work as well (Working Holiday & Student Visa holders)?
  • Are my English goals realistic for the time I have to study?
  • Where am I going to stay when I arrive?

If you begin to think of these things in your home country, you will better prepared for your first few weeks at Langports and, I believe, be happier in your initial few weeks when culture shock and home sickness can affect some people.LANG - SURFERS - 7NOV - LOW-15v2

Of course, the Academic Department is happy to discuss your study plan each step of the way along your Langports journey, and meeting up with me or Katie, the Assistant Director of Studies, is a great way to get information and help when you arrive. However, those students that consider the above questions in their own countries, and have a plan of what they want to achieve before arriving in Australia, are often better prepared for studying at Langports and living in Australia.

So, my advice would be to think about your academic goals before departing, and then have the best possible time at Langports in Australia!

Until the next time,