Enter the Langports Life Photo Competition


Langports Marketing TeamHello from the Marketing Team,

If you are a current Langports student, you would have seen that we have recently launched the second edition of our photo competition on Instagram. This campaign gives our students the opportunity to share pictures showcasing their best moments in Australia.

Langports staff are thrilled to see that our students live amazing experiences while studying English at Langports. From going to the beach, playing with kangaroos, studying with their classmates to hanging out with friends in a park, it looks like they are making the most of their stay at Langports in Australia!

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We wish to thank again all the students who have entered our photo competition so far. We already received about 200 pictures & hope to see more pictures within the next 10 days!

To participate in this competition, students need to take pictures representing their ‘Langports Life’, post them on Instagram and get a minimum of 25 likes. Students should also hashtag #langportslife, mention @langports and write their student number. Each Friday, we choose one winner in each campus and they are awarded a $50 gift voucher.

Our competition will end on Friday 8th May, which still gives our students plenty of time to share their pictures on Instagram and try to win our weekly prizes.

If you were not at Langports for the last couple of weeks, have a look below at our winners’ pictures:

Langports photo competition_this week's winners4

Langports photo comeptition_winners_24.04.15

Click here to read our rulesClick here to read more information about our competition