How technology can help you in your English studies


Welcome to this week’s blog! Today we will talk about the role of Information Communication Technologies in English learning environments and how they benefit you.

Information and Communication Technologies or otherwise known as ICTs, are commonly used in most facets of life, and English as a Second Language (ESL) learning and teaching environments, such as Langports, are no different. Common ICTs that you may be used to using in the classroom include, but are not limited to smart phones, electronic applications or apps, websites, projectors, computers, electronic dictionaries and document cameras.

ICTs allow ESL educators to use technology in the classroom to help facilitate their lessons with the goal to enhance your overall learning experience.

So, what are the benefits of using ICTs to help you with your English language development? Well, ICTs can help you in the following areas:

1) Helping with your motivation when learning English
2) Enabling your teacher to introduce more authentic and original learning resources into their teaching practices
3) Allowing you as the learner to learn through a means with which you are already familiar.

Because ICTs include smartphones, it is possible for you to learn even when you are not at school. This can be done by downloading electronic learning apps, meaning that the learning process doesn’t have to stop once you leave the classroom; if you want it to, it is just the beginning. According to the 8 best language learning apps to learn a second language for students are:

  • Memrise (free)
  • Basuu
  • Cram (free)
  • Babbel
  • Duolingo (free)
  • MosaLingua
  • Talk English (free)
  • Fun English

At Langports, our teachers use a range of ICTs to enhance their lessons so that you have a better opportunity to improve your overall English language skills in the quickest time possible. Our classrooms are all equipped with overhead projectors and lap-tops, which allows your teacher to engage you in authentic and original materials, allowing for productive and beneficial lessons to take place.

So, to make ICTs work for you in order to help you improve your English language development, embrace them as much as you possibly can for they may prove extremely beneficial in your quest to master the English language. Because ICTs are commonly used in nearly every other facet of your life, you are already an expert at using them so the goal now is to understand how they can benefit you in the classroom and as I have pointed out, outside of the classroom as well. I encourage you to find some electronic apps to download on your smartphone so that you can carry your English classroom wherever you go and to engage with the ICTs your teacher uses in their lessons as much as you can. Try this and I am sure you will not be disappointed with the role that ICTs can play in enhancing your overall English language development.


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