New Evening Course at Langports Sydney


New Evening Course at Langports Sydney

By now you have probably heard that we have a new evening course available at our Sydney school.

But what exactly is this course?

This IELTS Flexi course will prepare you to succeed at the IELTS exam!

The exam preparation course exclusively focuses on the 4 key elements tested in the IELTS exam – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

At night-time from 5 pm to 9.30 pm, you will be studying these 4 key areas, as well as exam strategies.

Why take this course?

Are you currently in Australia?

Do you want to improve your IELTS score for migration purposes or to enter your preferred higher education institution?

Maybe you would like to work during the day, but still prepare for your IELTS exam.

Or maybe you’re currently studying at another institution, but would like to study IELTS in the evening.

You might have also already finished a course at Langports, but would like to re-enol for an evening course.

Many reasons to choose our IELTS Flexi course! 

Why at Langports?

We noticed that there are no evening IELTS exam preparation courses in Sydney that allow students to pick the exact parts of the exam that they would like to improve.

We know that many of you get really high IELTS scores in for example, speaking, listening and reading, while struggling with the writing part.

Now it has always been really important to us that we can offer you courses that are 100% customisable and tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

This is why this IELTS Flexi course will give you the option to either study for all parts of the exam OR pick the parts of the exam you want to improve most, for example writing, and solely practise those.

Here are two examples:

This teaching style is strongly exam tactic-based and offers you a fast way of reaching your desired IELTS score.

You can see your progress in the weekly assessments that are under real exam conditions.

Maximum flexibility for you!

You will be able to start this course any Monday of the year and choose to study between 1 and 30 weeks.

Over the course of the full 30 weeks, you can progress through 3 different levels, covering from pre-intermediate to advanced.

This means you can study IELTS at your exact skill level! 

Enrol NOW!

Enrolments for this evening IELTS Flexi course at Langports Sydney are now open for bookings starting from 14. October.

Enrol now or contact us for more information!



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