The hidden spectacular food in Sydney


Michelle - Enrolments OfficerHello everyone! My name is Michelle and I am the Enrolments Officer in Sydney. A few years ago, I worked as a chef and as you can imagine, I am pretty passionate about food. So today, I thought I could share my experience and tell you where to find good food in Sydney.

There was once a time when you needed to work in the hospitality industry or be a serious “Foodie*“, to find all of the hidden spectacular food that Sydney has to offer. Due to television shows such as Master Chef, My Kitchen Rules and Ready Steady Cook, Sydneysiders have opened up their eyes in search for great food. These are television shows in Australia that have increased the popularity of good food in Australia.

From few to hundreds options to eat diverse food! 

For many years, Australians had typical meals of 3 veg and meat or the meat pie with damper to eat. These chefs and television shows have now managed, Australia-wide, to engage people to cook and explore food. So Australians set out to find these amazing cuisines and to attempt them at home. After all food brings people together and changes our emotions when we taste it. Food is also a way to experience different cultures, sometimes very different to your own. We also use it for comfort when we are feeling down or homesick. I am pretty sure that as an international student, you would have already cooked your favorite meal and share it with your homestay family or your classmates.

In Sydney, it is very easy to find great places to eat, whether you want something very cheap or something a little fancier that will cost you quite a bit; we have anything from McDonalds to the The Rockpool Bar and Grill at The Rocks. Also, you will have notice the variety of cuisines from Asian, Middle Eastern, European or maybe even one with a modern Australian twist.

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Whatever type of food you feel like, you will always find it in Sydney!

In Sydney you will learn all the hot spots to go if you are after certain food.

For Italian food, whether it is for pizza, pasta, osso buco or the sweet tiramisu with gelato, I recommend Leichhardt!

For Chinese food,  you will always be able to go to China Town, where they have food stores on weekends.

What about if you are starving? Well let’s face it, Brazil has won our hearts with all you can eat meat on sticks BBQ called Churrascaria. I love taking friends and family and always make them try something on the menu from Cheese bread, Acai, Feijao Preto or Brigadeirao.

If you look very hard as you walk the streets of Sydney you will be able to find little hidden gems that you will fall in love with. I have a place where I love the dumplings and another where I indulge in cocktails. But I will not tell you where they are. That’s right these are my secret and you will need to explore Sydney to find your own that will suit you 😉

But when you are out and about eating and trying other cultural experiences while you eat, please remember to always look around you. The views can be amazing but also very often you don’t know who you may find. I have, in many places found a TV star in a café. Once, when eating at Ripples Café, overlooking the Harbour Bridge, I found the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers having lunch near me! No matter what, you will have an experience eating out in Sydney.

*Foodie — someone that loves food, that loves preparing food, eating it, writing about it and visiting restaurants, cafes and bistros to try new foods.

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