Improve your Vocabulary and Speaking Skills


Hello everyone, I’m Danielle one of the English teachers at the Langports Sydney campus.

Throughout my teaching career, one of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently by students is about how to improve speaking skills and learn vocabulary.

Speaking skills and vocabulary

My advice is to make reading part of your daily routines.

As a child, I was lucky enough to have parents that would read to me every night.

So, from an early age, I developed a great passion for the written word, storytelling and all things creative.

Through reading, I was exposed to different styles, genres and ideas.

I learned to think critically and form my own opinions.

My vocabulary greatly improved due to reading so widely. I became a better writer and overall communicator as organising my thoughts, ideas and expressing myself clearly all followed suit.

Find something that you love

One of the turning points for me as a young reader was the discovery of the Harry Potter series.

This is what truly began my independent reading routine and what made me realise that this was more than just a routine activity, but a hobby.

I encourage all students to find something that they love or perhaps something that they have read before and to reread it in English.

Challenge yourselves to read a variety of different material in different styles and notice the improvement to your vocabulary, written expression and communication skills.

I hope that reading becomes as much of a passion for you as it is for me.

After a long day of studying and working it’s great to curl up with a book, enjoy some “silencio” and “muggle” downtime.


Happy reading, I hope it’s magical!



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