New Year’s Resolutions for Students


We know that it has been a month since the New Year has begun but we think that the best time to start a resolution is when the Holiday dust settles!

We want you to take the year 2020 and make it one to remember so here is a list of 5 New Year’s resolutions to make your experience at Langports and the rest of your year as rewarding as possible.

1. Exercise

We are yet to meet someone who hasn’t listed exercise as one of their New Years Resolutions, however we make it easy and fun.

Whether its playing soccer every Wednesday, trying one of our famous beach walks, or joining a local handball club, this new years resolution is an easy one to tick off while you’re at Langports.

2. Spontaneity

2020 is the year of being spontaneous (we have declared it, so its true). Jump on a train to somewhere you haven’t heard before, try a dish that sounds strange, skydive to prove you can – Australia is your oyster!

If you want to be spontaneous and don’t know how, give your Langports Activities Officer a budget and tell them to pick a random activity for you, trust us 😉

3. Friendships

Did you know that Langports has resulted in some of the most long lasting, wide reaching friendships?

Make 👏a 👏new👏 friend👏. Whether it be one or seven, older or younger, from your country or another – make a friend.

We know we have the best students, but Australians are some of the most relaxed and friendly people on the planet (from our experience anyway). We DARE you to make an Australian friend.

4. Help

In the days of modern technology we know that the best way to get an answer to a problem is through our best friend Google, but this year we are taking it old school.

Ask for help. Don’t know what a word means? Ask someone to explain it to you. Lost in the

city and need directions? Ask someone passing by. Why? Why not. We know that Google is always there for us but this year put your faith in humans.

If they don’t have the answer to your questions you know you have the technology to help, but asking someone for help is a sure fire way to work on our third New Year’s resolution and to practice speaking English at the same time.

5. Memories

This is not so much a resolution as it is our hope for you. We hope that 2020 is the year that you make unforgettable memories. 2020 provides 366 days, 527,040 minutes to make memories.

When we look back at our best memories some of them were experiences that lasted a few short minutes, and luckily we have a few extra this year.

We hope that we can be part of those memories, because each and every person, students and teachers alike, have been part of that for us.


Here’s to 2020!

Daniella and Gabrielle (Receptionist & Activities Officer, Langports Sydney)



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