The Langports Games, told by our students!


Our Brisbane and Gold Coast students tell us about their fun experience as being part of a team during the Langports Games. They all have a fantastic team spirit!

Boys Soccer – Francesco

“It was a very good experience to play soccer with people from different nationalities.  We practised every Tuesday and it was really fun.  Unfortunately we lost on the day but I really enjoyed it!”

Touch Rugby –  Juliana

“I had a really good time playing touch rugby, the trainings were so funny and I enjoyed the competition and we won!  It was my first time playing the sport and I’m sure I will keep doing it”


Girls Soccer – Maria Paz

“I spend a good time at the girls’ soccer trainings.  We trained every Tuesday for a month.  When Langports Games day arrived it was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.”


Badminton – Michelle

“I had a good time and a lot of fun J.  We were the best, was great to see so many Brisbane students in blue shirts.”



Ping Pong – Santiago

“We had a really good Table Tennis team but we didn’t play very well on the day, but we practise a lot after school and at lunch times and that’s a great opportunity to keep practising for the next competition.”

Basketball – Bruno

“We had a few basketball trainings, it was great to build the team chemistry and to see everyone working together.  Overall it was a really good experience to meet people from other countries, that we will be friends for ever.”

Volleyball – H

“It was my second time playing volleyball at the Langports games, last time we lost but we practised more this time and we played really well and it is an amazing experience.”


Cheerleading – Tai

“It was amazing.  We had 11 people in our cheerleading team and everybody enjoyed.  We started practise 10 days before, and myself and Marcela created and taught everybody the choreography.  I really enjoyed teaching the team and they the dance turned out perfect, we had the best time performing in front of the two schools.”

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