10 Ways How Study Abroad Has Changed My Life


Hello everyone. My name is Aya, the current Marketing Intern from Japan.This one2

I arrived in Australia a year ago and will go back to Japan next month. Looking back at my study abroad life, I realized there are many things that I have gained and it was beyond my expectations.

Studying abroad is more than just an improving your language skills. Here are 10 ways how study abroad in Australia has changed my life.


1)            Learn and Improve English

Living in Australia (and studying at Langports!) will improve your English dramatically. Don’t forget to always have the positive attitude to learn!

2)            Independence

Studying abroad teaches you how to live on your own. Moreover, you will learn how to take responsibilities for yourself and make your own decisions.

3)            Critical Thinking Skillscrit think

This is also what you learn at Langports! Thinking critically and having your own opinion are crucial parts of life.

4)            Meet a diverse range of people

By studying at Langports, you will make new friends from all over the world.  You will live unforgettable moments together and share memories for life.  Not only will you develop your social skills but you will also learn from the people you have met (cultures, languages etc..)

5)            Calling Australia ‘my second home’

geography-875350_1280By the end of your experience, Australia will definitely be your second “home”.  Australia has so much to offer for everyone that we don’t know one student who didn’t like visiting this country.

 6)            Increase your international job prospects


There’s no doubt that studying abroad will enhance your careers opportunities. This will show your potential employer that you are self-motivated, willing to learn and able to manage different situations.

7)            Learn to make mistakes

When you arrive in a new country, you have to adapt yourself to the culture, way of living and much more. It may take some time before your fully understand what is acceptable in Australia. You will probably make mistakes and have the wrong reactions on a few occasions.  That’s totally ok, because this is how we learn and progress. Just remember to always have an open mind and everything will be alright.

8)            Confidence

Many challenges are waiting for you when you live in a different place from your home country. I can ensure you that you will gain confidence by studying in Australia. Make this the time to step out of your comfort zone!

9)            Truly learn to respect diversity

Australia is a multicultural country. At Langports, students from more than 50 countries study together. The attitude of respecting diversity is one of the best things I have learnt through my Australian life.

10)          Accept yourself as you are

Our world is full of different people. There is no need to compare yourself with others. There is also no need to be who you were in your country. Be just who you are and who you want to be!


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