Living & Traveling in Australia
Reasons to love Sydney in winter
published by langports on 29.05.2019
Reasons to love Sydney in winter Australia has a lovely winter season for everyone to enjoy. Blue skies and chilly evenings invite you have a hot cup
Why study at Langports Sydney during the VIVID FESTIVAL?
published by langports on 08.05.2019
Why study at Langports Sydney during the VIVID FESTIVAL? In just over two weeks Sydney is once again transformed by amazing music and light sculptur
Travelling Down the East Coast of Australia
published by langports on 20.03.2019
Travelling Down the East Coast of Australia A few months ago, we had the wonderful idea to organise a trip. The plan was to cover all of the east coa
Live, Love, Learn
published by langports on 27.02.2019
Live, Love, Learn Living in a student accommodation or with a host family is an amazing experience. When you start your lessons at Langports, you fin
First Adventure Abroad – Welcoming Teen groups from Japan!
published by langports on 29.01.2019
During the Christmas New Year period Langports Brisbane was host to 81 students and 9 Tour Leaders from 5 different High School groups in Japan. The s
How to successfully search for a room
published by langports on 05.12.2018
In October, I have gone through my first challenge in Australia, which was looking for a room. It required me to focus so much that my brain was alway
The pros and cons of engaging with different cultures
published by langports on 28.11.2018
Why is it so valuable to make friends with people from different countries? Studying at Langports, you will have an amazing opportunity to meet countl
Time – Use it well, Use it Wisely
published by langports on 07.11.2018
Last week, Netflix released the final season of their first original series, House of Cards. As a fan of the show, I felt that this was the right time
Living at Student Central Apartments
published by Anna on 03.10.2018
My name is Tai and I come from Vietnam. I have been living at Student Central Apartments, in the center of Brisbane for over 2 months already. My 2 ro
The Langports homestay experience
published by langports on 12.09.2018
In today’s blog, we would like to share a beautiful story of two of our students who are staying in a Langports homestay: Lima and Vera. Lima and Ve