Student Success Stories
Why You Should Challenge Yourself and Learn English Abroad
published by Langports on 21.03.2018
Hi, I’m Rocio Alcalde and I’m from Mexico, but I’m also a dreamer who wants to be a professional business person. I have a vision and I beli
Our first ever Platinum Program was a HUGE success!
published by langports on 21.02.2018
Earlier this year, we ran the Platinum Program for the very first time. The program was designed for mature students who wanted to learn English while
How did my Langports experience help me to achieve my professional goals?
published by langports on 11.10.2017
Hi everyone! My name is Chieko Wada and I studied UFO English at Langports Brisbane. Today I would like to share with you all my experience as a Langp
How did Langports makes me feel at home?
published by langports on 02.08.2017
Hello 🙂 My name is Maria Jose. I am 17 years old and I came from Medellin Colombia. I was studying at Langports for 5 months.
Why was my experience as a TOEIC student at Langports one of the best of my life?
published by langports on 05.07.2017
Hi everyone! I am Yui Akagashi and I am from Japan. I have been in Australia for 9 months.
Why Langports is more than an English school?
published by langports on 12.04.2017
  Hello everyone! I’m Renan from Brazil and I’d like to tell you about my experience as a Langports overseas student.     &
Internship at Langports – A precious experience in my life
published by langports on 22.03.2017
Hello, I’m Hiromi from Japan and I used to work as an Intern at Langports helping the Marketing Team for almost 4 months. Throughout this blog, I w
My wonderful experience with Langports
published by Langports on 18.01.2017
Hello! I want to talk about my experience at Langports School in Brisbane, my name is Veronica Valdez and I am Ambassador of Queensland!    
Langports becomes your second home…
published by langports on 04.01.2017
Last year, Ana Maria, one of our students from the Gold Coast Campus gave a wonderful speech at graduation. We asked her to send it to us to share wit
The Langports Foundation
published by langports on 30.11.2016
Hello everyone! I’m Birgit, Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Sydney. Today, I would like to share the story of one of our students who cho