How to survive the first few weeks in the Cambridge English preparation courses


Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am the Assistant Director or Studies at the Gold Coast Rebecca Francocampus.

In January, we welcome a lot of new students and many of them take part in our Cambridge English preparation courses. These courses are particularly demanding and it can sometimes be challenging for students to adapt and understand what is expected from them. I have listed below 9 pieces of advice that will help our new Cambridge students have a great start at Langports.

  1. Find a study buddy and especially one who is committed to speaking English studying-703002_1920with you– 2 heads are better than one. You learn more when you are having fun with someone else who has a positive influence on you.
  2. Find a study place that suits you. Local libraries are quiet places which have internet if your home environment is distracting. Stay after school in your classroom to do your homework after you’ ve had a ping pong break, if you find that a good place for you.
  3. Communicate with your teacher if you’re finding things tough. Langports Langports Sydney - Counselling session 1teachers are caring and supportive and can provide you with a listening ear and some sound advice. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  4. If you need to de-stress and you feel that speaking your language will help, share what you are going through with a friend (outside the school or in a closed room) but set a time limit for when you will switch back to English.
  5. Make a daily choice to be grateful for what you have and the amazing opportunity you have to study in Australia. Grateful people are happy people. Choose your thoughts and choose thoughts that are positive and encouraging. Having a happy, positive outlook helps you grow as a person and keeps your mind open to new ideas.
  6. Eat healthily and get some daily exercise. It does wonders for your mental food-1075228_1920state as well as your physical state. There are loads of free activities that each city council offers its residents. Ask the activities officer about accessing these and know that you may get a chance to meet some native speakers when you join them.
  7. Make friends with UFO students and students of other nationalities. By doing so, you will expand your horizons and get some other perspectives on study.
  8. Go on some activities and mix with students not from your class. You never dream worldknow the amazing people you could meet. Destiny is on the other side of a handshake.
  9. Have fun but get some rest too. Having a balanced life means that you are keeping your future goals of doing really well in the exam at the forefront while enjoying your journey along the way

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