English Tips
Tips For Improving Your Speaking
published by Anna on 13.08.2019
Tips For Improving Your Speaking Speaking is one of the most clearly recognised language skills. It is unique among Writing, Reading and Listening bec
IELTS – What To Expect !
published by Anna on 10.07.2019
Why study IELTS? Do you want to study at an Australian tertiary provider in order to gain an academic qualification? Maybe you have already completed
Why is Langports the best choice to help you prepare for taking Cambridge Tests?
published by langports on 15.05.2019
Why is Langports the best choice to help you prepare for taking Cambridge Tests? Hi everyone!  I would like to tell you why Langports provides the be
published by langports on 10.04.2019
  Hi, my name is Kally and I’m an English Language Teacher at Langports, in Sydney. I’ve been at Langports for 6-months and I love teaching s
EXTRA-ordinary English ONLY
published by langports on 06.03.2019
Everyone wants to be successful in life and the great majority of Langports’ students also think that being successful in English is a way to achiev
Tips for getting past challenges when “hitting a plateau”
published by langports on 15.01.2019
Hey guys! My name is Deniz and I’ve been teaching at Langports Sydney for just over a year now. Today, I want to talk about one of the biggest chall
Meet the Langports team! Ivy
published by langports on 18.12.2018
In today’s “meet the Langports team” blog, we would like to share the profile of our Sydney school Enrolments Officer, Ivy! Ivy WANG Hobbies: Pl
Learning English at Langports
published by langports on 13.11.2018
Hello, my name is Terry O’Loughlin and I am the Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane. I have worked here since October 2011 and thoro
Speak English Only
published by langports on 17.10.2018
“Speak English Only” Does this sound familiar? This is what you see everywhere at Langports. When I first saw it, I used to think that
Why you should make mistakes when you learn English
published by langports on 10.10.2018
Hi, I’m Danielle and I’ve been a teacher at Langports Sydney for the past year and a half. I love working at Langports because I have the opportun