Langports’ Cambridge Closed Courses


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Today, we specially want to talk about the benefits students can get after doing our Cambridge Closed Courses.


Langports’ Cambridge Closed Courses

For students who are aiming to improve their overall proficiency in English for work or study purposes, our Cambridge closed courses FCE, CAE and CPE are ideal!

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What are Langports’ Cambridge Closed Courses? 

Langports offers closed courses for FCE (First), CAE (Advanced) and CPE (Proficiency) levels, the Cambridge closed courses are designed for delivery over 10 or 12 weeks, depending on the start date. These courses provide intensive overall language development as well as exam preparation and practice, with the exam strategies and techniques as a particular focus.

Our Cambridge teachers are not only TESOL qualified, but they are also trained in taking our students through the exam step by step, whilst teaching the necessary grammar structures and vocabulary required for a successful pass. To help achieve this unique approach to teaching Cambridge exams, our teachers use our own in-house workbooks and materials to give to our students a unique learning experience.

Why study Cambridge closed courses at Langports? 

  • Langports offers 3 levels of quality Cambridge courses, FCE, CAE & CPE across our 3 amazing locations. Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney
  • Langports’ Cambridge courses provide both intensive overall language development and exam preparation & practice.
  • Our students will undertake several mock tests during the length of the course to prepare themselves to sit the actual exam at the end of the course.
  • Individual feedback is given to each student every week about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our students will sit the exam at the end of the course with the Langports English Exam Centre
  • Our students will participate in the Cambridge Retreat
  • A pre-test is required before enrolment is confirmed and students are re-tested on their first day at Langports.

Scores from the Cambridge English Advanced CAE test are now accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for visa application purposes and by universities for admissions purposes.

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What is the Cambridge retreat?

Cambridge students who are enrolled in the closed courses must join our Cambridge Retreat, a team building activity held at the beginning of their course. Our students will experience typical Australian activities such as surfing, rock climbing or kayaking. This unique trip allows our students to start their study experience with many great memories.

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What are the benefits of studying Cambridge closed courses?

  • Gain a formal English qualification recognised by many employers and educational institutions worldwide.
  • Develop real-life English skills; our teachers give our students communication skills that they can use in everyday life, in the workplace and at university.
  • Gain confidence with their English.
  • Improve their fluency in writing, reading, listening and speaking

Also, our students will have 23 hours of tuition focused on Cambridge exam skills every week, plus 2 hours of optional activities.

It is not too late! Enrol for our next Cambridge Closed Courses:

Enrol now for our March, June and September courses and experience our unique and innovative way to deliver our courses!


-If you are a Langports student and would like to do one of these courses, talk to our Director of studies in your campus!

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-If yo want to re-enrol to one of our Cambridge closed courses talk to our Enrolments Officer in your campus

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Student Testimonial 

Clara, from Switzerland, studied at Langports Brisbane & Sydney. She enrolled in our UFO English program followed by IELTS, Cambridge CAE and she completes the process with the most difficult one Cambridge CPE. Well done!! 🙂

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