New Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) at Langports Brisbane


Terry copyHi everyone! My name is Terry O’Loughlin and I am the new Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) at Langports Brisbane .

I have recently been appointed to this fantastic job. The role is so rewarding as I am able to help all students with their academic development. Every day, it is great to see the students achieve their English goals. I help Matt, the Director of Studies (DoS), with all academic related items in the morning, and teach classes in the afternoon – the best of both worlds!!  

Before being appointed the Director of Studies

I had taught UFO English at Langports for a number of years, and more recently I had been the TOEIC teacher and Course Coordinator.


This five-week intense Intermediate and above course is extremely challenging for most students! After all, students not only prepare for the test but also have a chance to develop their skills to use the language. Students in TOEIC come with a great willingness to learn and it is always fantastic to see how much they improve.

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Additionally, at the end of the course, to see the students using more complicated structures of the language confidently is rewarding for them and the teachers. If you ever want a challenge and would like to show everyone how fantastic your English ability is, come to TOEIC!

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As ADoS, I am here to help you with any classroom related matters. So, if you want a study plan, have a question about a particular grammar point, or want extra worksheets to practice your English – I’m your man!


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