The Langports Queensland Cup: an unforgettable competition!


Last Thursday we finally had the The Langports Queensland Cup between Gold Coast and Brisbane schools, which we hold twice a year! In the last competition held in May, the Gold Coast campus took the crown, yet this time it came to the Brisbane team !

I was lucky enough to watch the games on site as I was responsible of taking the official pictures and videos as an intern in the Langports Marketing Team. We would like to thank all of you who attended and supported the game day, from the staffs, sponsors to each one of our lovely students. It was raining in the morning, but as soon as we arrived to the venue, the sun came up and cleared our field for an unforgettable competition.

We kicked off the day with the boys’ soccer and touch rugby at the same time in different fields.  Actually, the Langports Queensland cup started as a soccer competition between Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses in 2009. Along the way, we added various activities for the students to play, which are the Boys and Girls Soccer, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Badminton, Pin-pong, Basketball, and Cheerleading.

The ultimate purpose for the QLD cup is not to win or lose, but to share a good time and make unforgettable memories using English with friends from so many different nationalities through sports. There are students participating in the competition, and others who enjoy watching and supporting them. During the competition, I saw both type of students having such a wonderful times with each other. They were all discussing passionately in English how they could win the game.

In the end, the cheerleaders gave their presentations, which made us all amazed with their original and creative choreography! We took videos for both teams so please check them out here:

This match was very close since both teams managed to dance very well to various genres of music!  Yet, the ultimate victory came to the Brisbane team this time. Hope everyone had an amazing time at the Langports QLD cup! We are looking forward to another one next year in May!

Yuka Nakamura – Intern in the Langports Marketing Team


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