Whale Watching Activity – the perfect opportunity to see humpback whales in the wild!



Hi everyone! My name is Marcela. I’m the Enrolments Officer at Langports Brisbane and I’m going to share with you our last Langports Brisbane activity: whale watching!



The whale’s season

The whale’s season runs from July to October each year. They migrate from Antarctic waters up the east coast of Australia to warmer water for breeding and giving birth. The trip is about 5.000 km!!


Around August and September mothers and calves start their journey heading back south to the summer in Antarctic.  What you see will depend upon many things including the weather, the whales on the day and the point in the season.

The beggining of our adventure!

We arrived on the Gold Coast on Saturday morning and started our journey in a large, modern and spacious vessel with whale friendly design features.


On our way to see the whales, some sea friends came to say hello. Beautiful dolphins swimming along with their calves followed us for about 10 minutes!.

The Whales’ performance!

It took a while to find the whales as they are in their natural environment. They don’t get fed or disturbed thanks to the lowest engine emissions. We were there only as spectators of that awesome show.


This trip provided students with the perfect opportunity to see humpback whales in the wild as well as learning how to preserve the environment for their wellbeing.  They were definitely the star of the show by actively bridging and showing off tricks! You can be assured of a Langports experience not to forget!!


Thank you!

Marcela Parada


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