How students can make the most of their time here in Australia?


Hey Everyone! We are Beatriz & Shane the Receptionist & Recreation Officer at Langports Gold Coast!

Today we would like to talk about our day at reception and how students can make the most of their time here in Australia.

As students walk through the doors of Langports, we greet them every morning with a warm and friendly hello. This is our way to get our students focused and ready to go to start their day.

Behind the scenes

As students are in class, we are getting things done from arranging certificates for our graduating students for the week, planning and organising activities to preparing future events and daily tasks for the months ahead.


What has been rewarding about our jobs are the wonderful students who make our days entertaining and fun! It keeps our energy levels up all day and that we want to pass it on to our students.


We decided to put together some tips on how students can make the most of their time here in Australia:

1. Open yourself up to exploring new cultures and experiences

When students travel all the way to Australia for an experience, we want them to appreciate the time that they share with other cultures. You can make friends from all over the world and learn from one another and about each other. Be open minded with the people around you and take the time to talk to a local, engage in their openness and friendliness and share your amazing experiences with your family and friends back home.


2. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Coming to Australia can be a scary experience, because you are sometimes feeling alone, lost or unsure about what you are doing here. As we said earlier, a simple hello or good morning can easily make someone’s day even better. Risk is like a two-way road. It is either going to be good or bad. Regardless of which direction you take, it should not stop you from taking more risks because you learn from these experiences and you learn from these mistakes.

3. Enjoy this time!

As reception staff, we have made some great friendships with our students and often it is their warm and their friendly smile that we miss after they graduate. They not only made a difference in our lives, but also in their own life, whether it be at school or at activities. No matter how long you are at Langports for, we want our students to have fun and enjoy every moment they are here.

Thank you!

Beatriz & Shane

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