How will studying and working at Langports teach you to understand other cultures?


Hello Everyone! My name is Aron Kim and I am the supervisor of one of the Groups in Langports Brisbane. I was born in Brazil and I am the son of loving Korean parents.

Today I would like to talk about my experience of being a foreigner living in Australia and as a Supervisor of one of the Langports’ Groups.

Why I came to Australia ?

I arrived in Brisbane about two months ago holding a Working Holiday Visa, I wanted to travel and explore the other side of the world on my own, even knowing that the adventure could be a little “scary” and would be very challenging. Nonetheless, I knew that a positive experience was awaiting me.

My challenge in Brisbane

To be honest, at the beginning it was not easy for me because I needed to survive and to find a job to live. As most Working Holiday Visa makers, I was trying to find a job as a cleaner or waiter, and as a result, I spent the last two months looking for the lowest job opportunity out there to be offered. Unfortunately, it turned out that getting a job was much harder than I had imagined. Until one day, I received a call from our wonderful principal Barry offering me a job as an Administrative Assistant at Langports in the morning and as a supervisor of one of our groups in the afternoons, to help with activities.

My encouraging work environment

There are heaps of perks that comes with working at Langports. For example, our sociable colleagues, a warm and joyful good morning from our receptionist Linda, creative activities or events provided by Angus, and the list goes on. I also love admiring the vast amount of cultures and nationalities in our school.


What I am learing from my work experience at Langports

For instance, I am currently assigned to supervise a group of 50 students throughout their afternoon activities. Therefore, I expected a possible culture shock or baffled student reactions towards the immense differences.  However, the only one that turned out to be surprised out of all this was myself. Even though we are so similar to each other in many ways, there are also some big differences.


This is exactly what makes Langports such a great school, Langports teaches others and myself that there is no such thing as the right time or place to learn. Here, we are always learning no matter when, where or who we are.


Thank you!

Aron Kim

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