Internship at Langports – A precious experience in my life


Hello, I’m Hiromi from Japan and I used to work as an Intern at Langports helping the Marketing Team for almost 4 months. Throughout this blog, I would like to tell you how valuable is doing an internship program in Australia.



What I basically did at Langports

During my internship with the Langports Marketing Team, the priority of my tasks was managing Langports’ social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (If you haven’t seen Langports social media, please click the link below to follow Langports right now!)

Langports’ Facebook

Langports’ Instagram

Langports’ Twitter

Additionally, I edited the images and video testimonials in order to promote our school to oversea markets through the internet. Though it was hard to learn all the tasks at the first time, I enjoyed it because it was worthwhile and I could really feel that I was being needed by the team. So I love my tasks and my marketing team and want to recommend you to do an internship in Australia for the following reasons:

3 reasons why doing an internship in Australia is valuable

1. Diverse work environment

As you know, Australia is a multicultural country so that the working place has a diversity of staffs. Langports also does. Langports’ teams throughout the three campuses are  of diverse nationalities (Australia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Switzerland, Iran, Colombia, France, Japan, China, UK, and so on)

Especially the Marketing Team!







The environment taught me many helpful things. For example, it is important to smile even if you get a hard task. You may think it is a common sense to smile, but it is necessary especially at an intercultural situation because there are slight differences in meaning at a non-native conversation and smiling makes the conversation smoothly and it never gets people unpleasant. If I didn’t work there, I couldn’t find it out because I think Japanese rarely care about making smile. What I want to say is working in diversity environment allows you to learn important things which you might not realize in usual days.

  2. Practical English

Through internship experience, you can learn practical English which is useful for business occasion. In fact, I didn’t know how to write an e-mail formally before (like putting ‘Dear’ at the beginning and finishing with ‘Regards,’). But, I could learn it naturally while seeing how my colleagues communicate in e-mails. Moreover, I tried to listen their calling because I always feel anxiety about calling in English and it was very helpful to learn telephone expressions from them.


3. Letter of Recommendation

At the end of an internship program, if you successfully finish your tasks and your performance is highly valued, you can get a recommendation letter from your supervisor. It definitely helps you to get a job, particularly if you want to work in Australia or other English speaking countries. Because non-native speaker has a language difficulty in job-hunting, showing a work experience with a recommendation letter can be a big advantage since it can make you competent and responsible. Above all, I am so happy that my work is appreciated!!

As I mentioned above, doing internship gave me a lot of good experiences. Not only an actual work, but also the process of applying to the organization allows you to learn beneficial things such as making a resume and taking a job interview.

Consequently, I highly recommend you to find an internship in Australia. It would be a precious experience in your life.




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