From internship to real job in Australia


AlbertHello guys.

My name is Albert and I am a previous Langports student. Around a year and a half ago I decided to leave my comfort zone in Barcelona and try a new adventure… So I packed my clothes up and I caught a plane to Australia! My first and more important goal was to further my English skills and master this language.

Langports, one of the most renowned English schools in Brisbane (if not the most), helped me on that. After six months of intensive classes and very skilled teachers I can proudly say that I had widened my knowledge. The experience with the lecturers couldn’t have been better, as they are 100% focused on your learning, strengthening your weaknesses.

This school is also oriented on making the student to feel comfortable by organizing leisure activities, where you can get to know more international people and keep practicing the language. I still maintain the contact with some of them via Facebook 🙂

Not only, though, did Langports help me improve my English, but also offered me the opportunity to step into the professional market.

P1060848Thanks to an agreement with an Internship Agency, I could find a qualified job where I furthered my career as a Telecommunication Engineer. Nowadays I’m still working for this IT company, being able to communicate with Australian people without any problem 🙂

So, if someone asked me to recommend an English school, I would undoubtedly explain him my experience with Langports, which has been superb!

Albert Bellana