My experience as a Demi-pair student at Langports Brisbane!


1My name is Sandrina and I come from New Caledonia, a little French territory near Australia. I am 18 years old, I have been in Australia for four months and I studied at Langports Brisbane where I studied UFO General English. The reasons why I chose to study abroad is to improve my English for my future, I would like to work in an international company.

Why I chose to study at Langports and became a Demi-pair student?  

I chose to be a Demi-pair student because this Langports’ program allows me to improve my English faster as I lived in an Australian family and experience their culture. Also, because I am a teenager and needed to feel a sense of family around me to be more comfortable. Moreover, being a Demi-pair student is an easy way for me to save money but in exchange for being fed and accommodated I had to do some really easy works . I had to play with the kids, prepared their meals and helped the mother with the house as well.

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The Australian culture

Since I arrived to Australia, I have enjoyed a lot of things but my favourite one was living in an Australian family because thanks to this experience I could see what is the Australian life and all the differences between their culture and my culture. Australian culture is really rich because here there are people from all around the world and I really appreciate this fact, whereas in my country, there are also people from other countries but not like here in Australia.

Langports is the first place where I met people from all around the world like Brazilians, Japaneses, Arabics, Colombians, and so on. I am really happy because I learned more about their cultures and this was extremely good experience for them and for me 🙂

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Langports was the best school to improve my English

Together (my classmates and I) we improved our English because it is the only language that we had to speak if we wanted to be understood, shared moments and tell stories about our countries were a good way to learn.

Langports is really good school because its staff members are always there to help you if you need something, also the courses are really interesting. They are always fascinating activities which were an opportunity for us to learned more about Australia culture and discovered this amazing country. So for me, being a Demi-pair student at Langports was the best way to improve my English quickly and discover the Australia culture at the same time.

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Thank you and check out my video about my experience studying Demi-pair program at Langports Brisbane.


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