UFO English
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UFO English
CRICOS Code: 103310G
With Langports’ UFO English course, you will learn English at your own pace. UFO stands for USE, FOCUS, and OPTIONS. These are the three components of the daily timetable. You will study USE every day in the morning, the FOCUS macro-skill changes daily, and you will then have an OPTIONS class in the afternoon.

Uniquely, the course is designed so that you will have different classes for your skills (grammar, writing, reading, listening & speaking) that are always at your level. On the first day, you will take some short tests and you will be given a level from 1-6 for each of the 4 macro-skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and for grammar. In addition, you will choose an OPTIONS class for the afternoons. Therefore, depending on your skills, you could potentially have six different classes and six different teachers every week.
Every Monday, you will have an individual interview with your USE teacher to review your progress. If you develop your skills quickly, you can move through the levels at your own pace, optimising your learning progress.

  • Personalised timetable – different classes/levels for macro-skills
  • Available for students of all levels (each level takes approximately 10 weeks to complete)
  • Regular progress reports and weekly feedback
  • Long-term students are tracked and receive academic counselling to ensure they continue to progress
  • Part-time course available for over 18 years old students on a Working Holiday Visa or Tourist Visa
  • Under 18 years old students and Student Visa holders must study full time


(Per Class)
(Per Class)
1 to 70
(Per Week)

Learning at your own pace

You will have a unique timetable with different classes for all of your language skills. For example, in one week you could be placed in:

  • Level 3 Use of English class
  • Level 4 Writing class
  • Level 4 Reading class
  • Level 3 Listening class
  • Level 3 Speaking class

This means you will always be in the correct class for your level. Each week, your teacher will review your progress and as you improve your English, your classes can change.

Balance of skills

Langports’ UFO English course allows for an even balance of skills. Each week, you will experience integrated input & output skills, direct vocabulary study, grammar learning and exercises, language learning strategies as well as an even balance of the four macro-skills (writing, reading, listening & speaking). Over the week, you will receive an even balance of skill development, which will help you to improve your proficiency and ultimately achieve your desired goal.

Motivation & Feedback

In Langports’ UFO English program, you are always in the correct class for your English level. This means that your classmates will have the same level as you and you can work together to improve your English. Your class shouldn’t be too easy or too difficult, so you will always be learning! This will help you to feel confident and improve your skills. Your teacher will also be working with you constantly and give you weekly feedback on your English.

Options to specialise

As part of the UFO English full-time program, you will have the opportunity to choose from one of the afternoon options classes which gives students a choice of what they study, depending on their level. Students studying full-time can choose an options class from a variety of subjects enabling them to achieve their learning objectives.

The choices are dependent on your English level and the availability, but you can choose from:

Elementary English (L1-2),

Conversation (L2-3, L4-5), 

Vocabulary (L2-3, L4-5),

Grammar (L2-3, L4-5)

Introduction to Business English (L2-3)

English for Business & Administration (L4-6)

English through Media & the Internet (L4-6)

English for Engineering & Science (L4-6)

English for Finance & Law (L4-6)



Available Campuses


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Gold Coast

The City The Campus Accommodation


UFO English Brisbane & Gold Coast
starts every Monday.

Hi everyone. My name is Bruno from Brazil and I studied UFO program at Langports Sydney. Last year, I realised I really need to study English because  it’s important…

Bruno from Brazil