What does the Boomerang on the English Study Tours logo mean?


Hi, my name is Jake France and I am the Director of English Study Tours here at Langports.  I look after the group programs across all three Langports schools; Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

Over the past few years, I have had a lot of people asking me about the boomerang on our English Study Tours logo.  I’d like to take this opportunity to explain….


Try things, return to things that challenge you, like a boomerang

One of our main aims with our Study Tour Programs is to give students an introduction into what it is like studying English abroad.  The majority of our programs last between 1-4 weeks, which is just enough to get a feel for what life is like abroad; studying English and living in homestay.


The boomerang signifies a return, either to Langports, or just to study abroad in general.  I strongly believe that one of the most valuable lessons in life can be learned by travelling, stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning another language.

Try things, return to things that challenge you, help you to grow, and ultimately shape who you are.  Study abroad is one of the best ways to do this, and at Langports, we want to help you to achieve that.


Langports experience is only the beginning

My sincere hope is that for most of my Study Tour program students, their time at Langports is only the beginning; that it sparks a desire and a curiosity to experience life; to be the boomerang and return.  Return to study abroad, return to meeting new people, return to having new experiences, whether it is at Langports, or somewhere else.  Just make use of the opportunity that you have been given.

Thank you.

Jake France


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