What makes Langports Study Groups so special


jake3Hi all! I am Jake, the Group Study Tours Manager at Langports. A little while has passed since my last blog post about our Tahitian group.  Since August, our Group Study Tours department has gone from strength to strength.  In that time, we have confirmed quite a large number of new groups! December to March and June to August are traditionally very busy times for groups and in the last few months we have had two groups at our Gold Coast campus, and one in Brisbane. We still have three more groups to arrive!

There are a lot of benefits for students to take part into a Langports student group tour:

  • Some of our students are ranged from 12 to 18 years old. Coming to Australia, at this young age, is a good opportunity for them to live their first experience abroad without their parents. Sometimes, it can change the way these young students see the world and bring more cultural awareness into their lives.
  • When coming on a study English group tour, students are immersed into the Australian lifestyle by living with Australian homestay families. At home, they can exchange about their day or their cultural differences while they are practicing their English.

Study Group Byron

“My sincere thanks to Langports for this amazing real-world and academic experience… We have learned a lot of life skills as well as a great language!” Carolina Pena Arias, Student — Brazilian Study Tours, 2012.

  •  Students have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle that Brisbane and the Gold Coast offer by participating in great activities. From learning how to surf, visiting Byron Bay, learning Aboriginal culture or tasting typical Australian food, Langports tries to open the students eye’s to the Australian culture.
  • With our study English Group Programs, we are able to build specialized programs tailored to each group’s needs.  For example, I recently put together a program for a group of engineering students wanting to visit workplaces and universities.

This year is the third year that the Gold Coast has played host to our group from Brazil. They are on a 4 week study tour and had the opportunity to get to know many of Langports’ other students! With only one more week of their program to go, I’m sure that there will be a few tears shed by students and homestay families alike when it’s time to say goodbye!

Each time we have a new group arrive, we’re reminded how lucky we are to get to meet so many people from all over the world, and especially luck to share in many students’ first experience of being away from home.  I can honestly say that I love my job!

As you can see, Group Study Tours are becoming a more integral part of Langports, and if you or anyone you know has the opportunity to join one of our Study Tour programs, jump at the chance!