Langports Cup – October 2019


Hi there! We are two students from Brazil and Italy, our names are Gabriela Fontana and Linda Tramontano.

We have been studying at Langports for almost the entire year!

There are too many benefits of being a student at Langports to mention them all! The advantages are endless.

The Langports QLD Cup

Today, we specifically wanted to talk about our wonderful experience at the Langports QLD Cup.

The Cup is a day where Australian sports culture meets the spirit of studying abroad !

There are games of touch football, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and of course, our favourite: the cheerleading competition!



The sports competition runs twice a year and is held in a very spacious and comfortable Sports Club located between Gold Coast and Brisbane.


It has indoor and outdoor spaces for all the activities we take part in.

This event is created with the purpose of having fun whilst giving us the opportunity of meeting students from all over the world coming from Brisbane’s campus and competing against them in a friendly way.

More than just a competition

The Langports QLD Cup is about more than a one-day competition.

It is also about all the training that happens throughout several weeks beforehand. In our opinion this is the best and most memorable part of this adventure.

As we live on the Gold Coast we appreciate being able to train at the beach after class.

We’re enjoying being together, listening to music and exercising with the sun setting while we warm up for our matches.

We have even seen a whale once while playing beach volleyball and we can assure you that it was one of the most remarkable experience we had.

This is Langports life.

It is hard to explain our feelings of excitement and cheerfulness.

A ‘big family’

It’s about going to school and living in this indescribable environment where everybody encourages and supports each other, forming teams (or as we prefer to call it) a “big family” composed of students from around the world just wanting to have fun.

On the day, the first sports to be played were soccer and touch footy that happen simultaneously.

Meanwhile, all the other students are cheering energetically and supporting all the players with mottoes and loud screams!

Afterwards, the other sports were played inside until the last competition which is Cheerleading!

Everybody is looking forward to seeing each other’s performance and that’s when the music is turned up, spreading the powerful energy of “Live, Love and Learn”.

Again, this is Langports. We are part of it, we’re proud to be part of it and this is now our story here.

Someone once asked us if we recommend Langports.

The answer was quite easy: we would go back in time and do it all again! Cheeeeers!


Watch our Cheerleading competition below:

Gold Coast


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