My Langports’ experience!


laura-photoHi everyone!! I am Laura Lopez Rios, I come from Colombia and I have been in Australia for about 10 months improving my English at Langports Brisbane 🙂 where I studied UFO English, Toeic + and EAP (English for Academy Purposes)

Today I would like to share with you all why I chose to study abroad, why I chose Langports to learn English and why I need English in my life.

What was my motivation to study English?

My motivation to study English is the fact that I want to became a Flight Attendance and English is a very important requirement to do this career, having a great English will help me a lot to achieve my professional goals.


Why I chose Langports to learn English?

I heard about Langports from my sister who studied here before, she strongly recommends me this school, she mentioned to me that Langports is a great school to improve my English and I am glad to have chosen Langports where I have done general English UFO, Toeic + and now I am doing the EAP course.


Langports’ EAP Course

English for Academic Purposes is an excellent course to improve your English, you can learn how to increase your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The way how the teachers teach is great, it is a difficult course but this is good because if it is hard you need to push yourself and do your best to understand and lean.

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Students services team and Academic team at Langports

The service at Langports is really good, the teachers and other students are really kind, you can find people from different nationalities like Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Italy, China, Mexico and so on, which is great because you also can learn from different cultures and languages and you can make friends from all around the world.

Langports has great Facilities, like computers, library, modern classrooms. Also, there are many activities that Langports organised for us, there are local activities around the city, others in the school and some outside the city but all of them are very interesting and fun!

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What was my most memorable experience at Langports?

My most memorable experience at Langports was my Toeic class, I enjoyed every single second that I spent in this class, because it is a very dynamic class, it is fun, you can learn a lot form an unconventional class where you have the opportunity to share 5 weeks with the same classmates, learn a lot and make real friends.


English is very important in my life

Since I made the decision to come to Australia and study English, I realized that English will be really important in my professional and personal life and it will be a great complement to achieved my professional goals.

I can recommend Langports

If you are thinking to come to Australia to learn English, you should choose Langports because it is a great option to improve your English and to meet people for different countries. Langports has a unique methodology to teach its courses which is really dynamic and fun! Langports’ teachers are really kind, they are here to help the students.

So, come to Langports you will love it!!

Thank you!


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