When a Costume Tells the Story!


Hi everyone! My name is Shane, I’m the Recreational and Community Engagement Officer at Langports Gold Coast and I am here today to share some of the amazing moments where students go above and beyond as they join and participate in activities.



Langports brings a special culture where students can utilise the learning skills in a classroom and putting it into practice when they are out and doing activities. They build lasting friendships and memories that they can take home with them and I highly encourage students to be a part of it.

The idea of costumes was first introduced at a festival, where people lit bonfires and wear costumes to scare ghosts away from the village. This tradition, now known as Halloween is the reason why so many people dress up for the occasion. Costumes break social rules and convention and it adds an extra element of surprise and entertainment to any event of occasion. Think of the last time you went to a dress up party?

Today I would like to share 5 moments where costumes played an essential role in the activities that were presented at Langports Gold Coast.

Langports Games May 2016

Training a dance crew for an event like Langports Games is no easy challenge. So to increase that level of enthusiasm and to show that anything is possible, I decide to go a little out of the box and put on my Iron Man outfit. This motivation for the dancers proved to be a winner as they danced their way through four different performances and really bought the energy and passion to the Langports Games.



Student Christmas Party 2016

In November of last year, over 200 students attended our student Christmas party and raised over $2500 for the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. What made the night special was that nearly half of our students on this night dressed up for the occasion to a Christmas theme, from Elves, Reindeers to Santa’s Helpers. It bought together the spirit of Christmas from many different cultures and these group of students really made a difference for the charity.


Byron Bay Weekend January 2017

When a big group of students arrive at the start of the year, the most asked question is “When is the next Byron Bay Weekend?” When I organise a trip to Byron, there is so much energy and enthusiasm in the school, that any Byron weekend without my involvement would not be the same!

On this particular trip, these group of guys took it to another level. Knowing that their favourite tennis player, Rodger Federer was playing at the Australian Open, they all decided to dress as tennis players. It required one late night shopping to collect the necessary equipment from the headbands, coloured racquets, Polo shirts and shorts, even the long socks and shoes! The attention to detail was precise and the set the high standards for all future Byron Weekends.


Byron Bay Weekend April 2017

With the high expectation of the last trip ringing in memory, these students were prepared to do anything to rival the other trips. But it didn’t go accordingly to plan when a Cyclone hit South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales the day before our departure. Having to reschedule the entire trip weeks later, the students ALL committed to the crazy theme of “Married at First Sight”, with every student dressed as either brides or groomsman. These students demonstrated that no matter what weather element, rain, hail or shine, they were prepared to go ahead and make the trip truly special.


The Color Run 2017

Known as ‘The most colourful party on Earth’, a group of students and myself dared to be different and went as the Panda Squad. From the minute we popped our Panda heads on, we were noticed by the local newspaper, the local news crew and the many volunteers and photographers that wanted pictures and videos. We were even asked to jump up the stage in front of 10,000 participants. It was a truly special moment for our other students who took home many happy moments.

I believe that Langports provide a unique opportunity for students to be a part of something special when they participate and join activities. The fundamental skills of the English language can also be taught outside of the classroom environment and many students who have participated in the activities reap the rewards that it can offer.

If you want to be a part of that incredible experience or have an amazing dress up theme you want to take on, then feel free to discuss or share these ideas with me.

Thank you

Shane 🙂

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