Why students keep coming back to Langports…


Sometimes, students enjoy their time studying English at Langports so much they keep coming back! In this case, Jack has come back to Langports so many times! Since August 2015, Jack has studied 98 weeks! He started in level 2 and has completed UFO English, TOEIC+, PET Flexi and IELTS! We have enjoyed seeing the progress he has made.

Although studying English for Jack has been an important journey, we can tell that it’s not just the studies that he enjoys. For Jack, Langports is a family. He has made so many friends from around the world and this has made him want to return again & again!

“My motivation to study English was to improve my English to get a good job. I choose to study at Langports because when I was in Taiwan, I talked to my friends about studying in a language school. My friend told me that Langports was the best language school in Australia. The way Langports teaches English is great. The teachers are very patient and always want to help students in their spare time. The teachers helped a lot. They supported me, encouraged me, and made sure I worked hard. My best activity experience at Langports was going on surf camp. I saw a lot of kangaroos, it was amazing! After Langports I will go to TAFE where I will study business and marketing.”

I would recommend everyone to come to Langports — it’s awesome! The teachers are awesome! Your school mates are awesome! You will love it!!!

To listen to Jack’s whole story about his time at Langports you can click here.

While studying at Langports, Jack is also the resident photographer! He has taken so many photos that he put together a video of his time at Langports.

We wish Jack, all the very best and hope that he will continue to use his English in the future.


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