From International Student to Manager at American Company


My name is Manuela Aristizabal and I am from Colombia.

I was a Langports student back in 2012.

I would love to share how that experience contributed to achieving my goals, helping me not only in my studies but to get my dream job and now a promotion.



Life at Langports

I needed a good score in the English test and thanks to the advice of Langports, I enrolled in a CAE course. At the end of the course, I took the test alongside all my classmates.

I did better than expected and was able to graduate on time.

What I liked the most about Langports was the fact that I got to meet so many people and learn so much about other things besides grammar.

This is because Langports gave us the opportunity to move and change from one subject to another in the afternoon.

I remember starting with a general English level for some weeks before moving to FCE Flexi with afternoon classes. These made everything so much fun.

After that I changed to Advanced Cambridge.

I loved my afternoon conversation lessons as well as the business English ones. After class, I also went to different activities and enjoyed them a lot.

I made friends for life at Langports! 7 years later and we are still hanging out together.


Why Langports?

I chose Langports because it was the best option provided by the agency and they were right. At first, I thought I had a good English level but was proven wrong.

I learned so much new vocabulary thanks to FCE

Flexi, a massive amount of phrasal verbs in CAE with Katie, and so many idioms! Not to mention the improvement in my pronunciation.

I went back to my home country right after I finished my English course in Australia in 2012. There, I resumed my university studies in International Business.

After Langports

My life has changed a lot since I was a student at Langports. I am now married, have a son and I am a working woman! Getting the CAE certificate really helped me and boosted my resume.

I am blessed with my dream job! I am currently working from Colombia for an American company, 100% in English. All my teammates are from the USA and all over the world.

It is so amazing to get to work with people from many different countries and to communicate in English! A whole new world has opened to me because of my second language and I am grateful that Langports has been a great part of it.

2 years ago, I began working here at Modloft as a Transportation Coordinator. I was just promoted to Manager! My communications skills definitely played a big role since I have to email and call people all day.


–   Manuela Aristizaba



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