Sydney FAQs

Welcome to our Sydney FAQs. On this page, you will find very useful information  to help you to promote the Langports Sydney campus.

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General Information

When will our Sydney Campus open?
1st September 2014.

When will bookings be open?
Bookings for our Sydney campus are now open. Please check our Courses Dates and Fees and Special prices in our last newsletter

Will there be any special promotions for the opening?
– Free enrolment fee for all students starting their course 1st – 29th September
– Free Cambridge Exam for students studying FCE or CAE starting 8th September and 5th January
For further information, contact your Regional Marketing Manager.

What is the address of the Sydney campus?
53 Murray St, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia

What is the emergency contact?
Miles MacKenzie – Principal, Sydney Campus – Mobile number: +61 430 501 58

What will the nationality mix be like?
We don’t have an indication of this at the moment. It will be similar to Langports Brisbane & Gold Coast campuses. Click here for Brisbane, Click here for Gold Coast

Who should we deal with when we have marketing enquiries?
Please contact your Regional Marketing Manager.

Who should we deal with regards enrolments, accommodation and arrival details?
For enrolments and accommodation enquiries, please contact Lena Bennerhult: [email protected]

Can students already enrolled in Brisbane or the Gold Coast transfer to Sydney for the opening? If yes, how can they move to Sydney? Will they have to pay any extras? If they already had accommodation organised in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, will we organise the same type of accommodation for them in Sydney?
Yes, if students want to move to Sydney, they must apply to transfer. They must talk to the Enrolments Officer (Brisbane — Lena & Gold Coast — Nadine) to apply for the transfer. See transfer policy below.

Can students enrol at Langports for 2 or 3 campuses? And how can they transfer from one campus to the other? 

1. Students can decide to transfer campuses when sending their enrolment, or whilst already studying at Langports. Langports will assist its students to make multi-campus enrolments in advance or to transfer their enrolment when in Australia between any of the 3 Langports campuses though the provision of a $100 travel voucher per transfer to help with the inter-campus travel costs.

2. If the initial enrolment is multi-campus, then the following conditions apply:
a) Maximum of 2 vouchers per student. Ie 1 vouchers to move between 2 campuses and 2 vouchers to move between our 3 campuses.
b) Minimum period of study at each campus is 4 weeks

3. If the transfer occurs when the student is actually at Langports then the following, additional conditions apply:
c)  Students need to give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice of their intention to transfer
d) Students studying a closed course are unable to transfer campuses during the closed course.
e)  Fee differences between the campuses will apply — additional charges if going from Brisbane or Gold Coast to Sydney and a refund will apply if going from Sydney to Brisbane or Gold Coast.
f)   There must be a minimum of a 4 week enrolment extension in each new campus in order to receive a travel voucher
g)   If the student has paid an accommodation placement fee at the original campus and wants to book Langports accommodation at the second campus, then they will not need to pay a second placement fee.
h)   If a student completes the transfer paperwork and the transfer is processed, but then the student changes their mind to stay at the original campus a processing fee of $50 will be charged.
i)    If the student enrolled at Langports with a promotion that was only applicable at one campus, then they will need to pay the difference in fees between the promotional rate and the standard rate for that country for the remainder of their enrolment in the new campus.
j)   The student may return to the initial campus they transferred from, under the conditions above. The cost of moving between campuses a second time will be incurred 100% by the student.

4. Students can choose to transfer campuses by taking the bus, taking the train, flying to their new city or renting a car and drive to their new campus. Once they transfer campuses, they have to come and redeem their voucher from the student services team of their second or third campus, who will give them $100 cash back (as a repayment).

Will Langports Sydney offer Group Study Tours?

Yes, please contact Jake France the Langports English Study Tour Manager — [email protected]


Which courses will be available at this new campus?
 – UFO English from 1st September
– TOEIC + on 1st September, 7th October and 10th November
– Cambridge FCE & CAE from 8th September and IELTS 1 from 13th September
– Other courses will start from January 2015

Is the demi-pair program available in Sydney?

Our English + demi-pair 12 week program will be available at our new Sydney campus. The following additional conditions apply:
– Placement fee $950. This placement fee also includes, as for placements on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, the airport transfer, a demi-pair liability insurance and additional placements with Priceless Exchange (subject to successful first placement) for the remainder of the course if students study for more than 12 weeks. Please note that if students arrive late at night, they will be responsible for booking their accommodation for the first night, at their own expenses, as demi-pair families will not be able to welcome students from 8.00pm to 8.00am. Also please note that if a student arrives on a week day, they might be driven to Langports first, and their family will then pick them up at the school once they are finished with work and other daily duties.

Is the internship program available in Sydney?
Our English + internship program will be available in Sydney at an extra cost of $60 per placement. Prices will then be as follows: 4 week placement $650, 6 week placement $710, 8 week placement $810 and 12 week placement $1,010.


What is the capacity of the new school (number of students — classrooms)?
The Sydney campus has 14 classrooms and can welcome up to 210 students

Class sizes?
There is a maximum 16 students per class in all courses except closed Cambridge courses where the maximum number of students is 15.

Student Services

What type of accommodation will we provide?
Langports offers a choice of quality accommodation options in a safe and relaxed environment:

Homestay options:
a. Deluxe Homestay: own bedroom, own bathroom, only one student per family, interaction with family, laundry done for the student. Breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
b. Family Homestay: own bedroom, shared bathroom, maximum 2 students per family (from different nationalities), laundry done for the student. Breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
c. Self-Cater Homestay: own bedroom, shared bathroom, no limit on student numbers, limited interaction with the family, students need to do their own laundry. Breakfast only from Monday to Sunday.
Student houses
a. More details about student houses will be available soon.

Student Houses option:
Modern and secured apartments residence professionally managed by Link2 available for Langports Sydney students. There are single rooms or twin shared rooms available.  The residence is conveniently located in Sydney city centre and only 1.7 km away from the Langports campus. For more information, click on here

Distance to homestay?
We will place students in homestay families within a maximum travel distance from school of 50 minutes. Of course families will be in a different suburbs of Sydney and some may be closer than this.

Will we also have the Job Help service in Sydney?
As part of our activities program, we will hold regular Job Help Seminars after school to give students useful and practical information about finding casual or part-time work in Sydney.

Will you offer afterschool and weekend activities?
Students will be able to choose from a wide range of activities offered each month. This includes full day excursions, weekend day and overnight excursions and after-school social program. A full program of activities will be available in August and will be published on our website. You can download a sample calendar here.

Location and amenities

What amenities are around the campus?
The Langports Sydney campus benefits from an ideal location with many shops, restaurants and entertainment precincts.

Distance to:
Post office/bank: 6 minute walk
Restaurants / shops: 3 minute walk
Supermarket: 3 minute walk
Parks: Pyrmont Bay Park — 3 minute walk

Is the campus easily accessible by public transport?
Langports Sydney campus is easily accessible by public transport:
– 2 minute walk to Pyrmont Bay Light Rail station
– 5 minute walk to Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf
– 15 minute walk to Town Hall Station
– 13 minute walk to Queen Victoria Building (where many buses stop)

What is the holiday policy for students? (same as BNE & GC)
Depending on their visa status, some students might be eligible to take a holiday while they are studying at Langports. Each request will be assessed by the campus Principal. All students will be required to give a 2 week notice to break their course or they will lose 2 weeks tuition fees in lieu of this notice. The minimum holiday period is 1 week and the maximum period 8 weeks, depending on course/visa length and status.

Will you accept under 18 students? What is the policy?
The minimum age to study at Langports is 16 years old. Under 18 students must have an acceptable guardian or be placed under the guardianship of Langports. In the case of students being under the guardianship of Langports, students must be accommodated in a Langports Homestay family for the duration of their enrolment or until they turn 18 during their stay and may wish to seek alternative accommodation.

Live in Sydney

How much money should a student take for personal expenses?
The cost of living in Australia will naturally vary according to students’ lifestyle. On average, we recommend student budget around $300AUD per week (not including accommodation).

If students choose not to stay in Langports accommodation options, how much should they budget for weekly accommodation?
The price will vary depending on the location and type of accommodation. However, we recommend that students should budget between $200 & $300 AUD per week.

  • Price in a shared room: approx. $180-220
  • Price of a single room in a shared flat: approx. $250-320
  • Price in a one bedroom unit: approx. $430

Jobs available in Sydney?
There are plenty of opportunities for students to find jobs in Sydney. As in Brisbane & Gold Coast, the type of job students can apply for will also depend on their English level and any prior work experience. Examples may include:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Bartending
  • Restaurant work — waiter/waitress, kitchen hand

Sports/cultural events catering As part of our activities program, we will hold regular Job Help Seminars after school to give students useful and practical information about finding casual or part-time work in Sydney.