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Are you thinking about studying in Australia, migrating Down Under or simply need to prove your English level to a potential employer? Do you have a limited time to prepare for an exam? If so, our IELTS is the right course for you!

IELTS is Langports’ unique intensive IELTS preparation program. To help you succeed at the test, our experienced IELTS teachers will help you improve the 4 major skills essential for the exam – listening, reading, speaking and writing – but also provide an in-depth focus on “micro skills” such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, speaking strategies and much more!

  • 2 modules available (Module A & Module B)
  • Pre-test required for entry (minimum level required for IELTS is 4.5)
  • Intensive training for the academic version of the exam
  • Regular progress reports and weekly feedback


(Per Class)
(Per Class)

Strong academic training

IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is an exam that assesses the English Language proficiency of people who would like to study or work in an English speaking environment. There are 2 versions of the exam: academic and general, where the reading and writing components differ. At Langports, we train you for the hardest exam, which is the academic, so that you can register for the exam of your choice and succeed at both versions!

Langports’ difference

A high level of IELTS requires a good range of vocabulary, collocation, grammar and writing skills. Hence, contrary to most IELTS preparation courses, Langports’ IELTS course has a strong focus on the writing component of the exam (40% of the course), which is also used in all other sections of the test, to write your answers in the reading & listening parts of the exam for instance. Then you will spend 20% of the time training your reading skills, 15% of the time training you speaking skills and 15% of the time training your listening skills. The remaining time is focused on improving your grammar. All together it’s a great recipe for success!

49 IELTS centres

IELTS can be taken in 49 centres in Australia including 9 centres in Sydney, 5 centres in Brisbane and 1 centre on the Gold Coast. Find your preferred centre and exam date here.

Official IELTS Website

Langports Academic Way

Langports teachers are highly skilled in English Language teaching & exam preparation training and are really experienced in helping students meet their goals. Our teachers have an in-depth knowledge of grammar; meaning that they can answer your questions easily and confidently. They are also trained to be able to teach more than what the textbook teaches and use their great knowledge and skills to help make learning an enjoyable and rewarding moment. Their goal is to constantly challenge you so that you remain motivated for the whole length of your studies!
Finally, many of our resources are unique: we write and publish our own materials for our IELTS courses, supplemented with material from traditional IELTS textbooks.

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Gold Coast

The City The Campus Accommodation


Brisbane & Gold Coast start :

02 Jan 2024
05 Feb 2024
11 Mar 2024
15 Apr 2024
20 May 2024
24 Jun 2024
29 Jul 2024
02 Sept 2024
08 Oct 2024
11 Nov 2024

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