A big chance in your life


Hello! I am Yuka, a Japanese student. I studied IELTS and EAP for 6 months!

I wanted to go to a school that gives me many opportunities, to meet many friends from different countries, and experience a lot.

My goal was to go to Griffith University and soon I’ll start studying there.


Langports has everything that I wanted and it was the most enjoyable time of my life and I am really really grateful for this.

The teachers are always helpful and will always help us with anything.

When I was in the EAP course I felt really proud of myself after completing all the essays and presentations.

It is definitely a great chance to study at Langports if you want to improve your English really well and faster.

The Langports life

On weekends and after school I always tried to join many activities from Langports and also travel around Brisbane and Gold Coast.

It’s just always a fun time to go out with your friends from Langports and make more new friends.

Everyone is really friendly so there are nothing to afraid of!

It’s a big chance in your life, LIVE LOVE LEARN !!!









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