“Teaching at Langports has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life”


Hi, I’m Ian and I teach at Langports Gold Coast. On February the second I celebrated my ten year anniversary there.

Looking back over those ten years, I recall my initial struggle to meet the standards expected of teachers. I had been teaching ESL for more than six years, including two years lecturing foreign students in Business at university, and I had a Master’s degree in teaching ESL. So, why the struggle?

When I joined Langports!

When I joined, Langports Gold Coast had been operating for less than a year but the professional development program was really getting started. I felt terrible at first about my insufficient knowledge regarding the overall structure of English. Would I ever catch up and reach the expected level of competence?

Langports is like an extended family!

As time went by and the staffroom became more like an extended family than workmates, the learning became viral. Knowledge passed from person to person and all you had to do was ask.

Since then, I have taught every level from 1 to 7 and specialised in the closed Business course and TOEIC with its intensive grammar component. That I am confident and happy to do any of these classes is testament to Langports Gold Coast’s professional development and more particularly the constant upgrading of skills between myself and my workmate family.

In recent years I have spent a portion of my time teaching newer teachers what I have learned here. It means extra work but, remembering my own early struggles, I count it a privilege to be able to help.

The greatest learning experience in my life!

I thank Langports and my workmate family for helping me become confident and well versed in my subject. Working here has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.


Thank you!


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