Month: October 2012
100 Things You Can Do To Improve Your English
published by thierry on 31.10.2012
Hester is a teacher at Langports’ Gold Coast campus who has strong beliefs about education. She has set up her own website and blog to help her
Langports – The Best Way To Travel
published by thierry on 24.10.2012
G’day! I’m Anna. I am the Marketing Director at Langports. I’ve been working at Langports for almost 8 years at our Brisbane & Gold Coast ca
Teaching At Langports
published by thierry on 17.10.2012
Hey! My name is Michael Gallagher, one of the two Michaels that work at Langports’ Brisbane Campus. I’ve been here since 2007 with a few breaks fo
A Visit To New Zealand
published by thierry on 10.10.2012
At the top of an organisation like Langports is a busy CEO.  John France works hard to keep Langports as one of the premier Language schools in Austr
Gold Coast Management Excellence Awards
published by thierry on 03.10.2012
Adam Wright (Langports’ Gold Coast Principal) was recently awarded as a finalist in the Gold Coast Management Excellence Awards held at the Marr