Langports News
published by langports on 10.04.2019
  Hi, my name is Kally and I’m an English Language Teacher at Langports, in Sydney. I’ve been at Langports for 6-months and I love teaching s
Australia Zoo
published by langports on 03.04.2019
Australia Zoo On the 23rd of March, 27 students and I attended one of our most popular activities, Australia Zoo.  Australia Zoo is home of the croco
Travelling Down the East Coast of Australia
published by langports on 20.03.2019
Travelling Down the East Coast of Australia A few months ago, we had the wonderful idea to organise a trip. The plan was to cover all of the east coa
EXTRA-ordinary English ONLY
published by langports on 06.03.2019
Everyone wants to be successful in life and the great majority of Langports’ students also think that being successful in English is a way to achiev
Live, Love, Learn
published by langports on 27.02.2019
Live, Love, Learn Living in a student accommodation or with a host family is an amazing experience. When you start your lessons at Langports, you fin
Foundation News: Indigenous Educator recognised in Australia Day Honours List
published by langports on 20.02.2019
Indigenous Educator, Waverley Stanley has been recognised in the Australia Day 2019 Honours List We would like to share a wonderful thing that happene
Graduation of SAYL Scholarship Recipient – Tai
published by langports on 01.02.2019
Last Friday one of our scholarship recipients graduated! This was very special to us since our English programs have an even profounder impact on t
First Adventure Abroad – Welcoming Teen groups from Japan!
published by langports on 29.01.2019
During the Christmas New Year period Langports Brisbane was host to 81 students and 9 Tour Leaders from 5 different High School groups in Japan. The s
Tips for getting past challenges when “hitting a plateau”
published by langports on 15.01.2019
Hey guys! My name is Deniz and I’ve been teaching at Langports Sydney for just over a year now. Today, I want to talk about one of the biggest chall
5 Unexpected Ways that Studying English can Change Your Life
published by langports on 08.01.2019
1.Improve brain health There have be numerous studies that show the many cognitive benefits gained from learning another language.  These benefits ca