Month: March 2015
What to consider before arriving in Australia
published by Langports on 25.03.2015
Hi Guys, it’s Matt here, the Director of Studies of Langports Brisbane. Making the decision to come to Australia and study at Langports is a big st
Best places to visit in Queensland
published by Langports on 18.03.2015
Hi, guys. My name is Jessie (Ji-yeon) and I currently work as an intern in the Marketing department of Langports. I am from Korea and came to Australi
Active body, active mind!
published by Langports on 11.03.2015
Hey guys, my name is Kelven Barry, I am the activities officer here at Langports Sydney. I am relatively new to the Langports team, but I have been we
How to improve your writing skills?
published by Langports on 04.03.2015
Hello from the Gold Coast Academic Team. At Langports, students have the opportunity to study a variety of closed courses. The closed courses that are