Month: September 2016
Spring activities in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney
published by langports on 28.09.2016
Hello from the Marketing Team! Today, we would like to talk about the great Spring activities from September to November in Brisbane, Gold Coast and S
Is grammar really important to learn?
published by Langports on 21.09.2016
Hello, My name is Rachel and I am the Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Gold Coast. Today I would like to talk about grammar and about the qu
Whale Watching – Langports activities
published by langports on 14.09.2016
Hi, my name is Angus. I’m working as Recreation & Community Engagement Office at Langports Brisbane. Today, I would like to talk about the w
What does LOVE look like?
published by langports on 07.09.2016
Hello, Langports students! I am John France, the founder of Langports English Language College and chairman of The Langports Group. A few weeks ago I