Month: June 2014
Top 5 winter activities in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney
published by thierry on 25.06.2014
Hello everybody, my name is Marion and I am the Marketing Officer for Langports. Winter is already here in Australia. It may not feel like winter to
Study English and experience Sydney
published by thierry on 18.06.2014
Hello everybody! My name is Connie and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for South America. As most of you may know, Langports will open a new campu
Visiting New Zealand (Australias next door neighbor)
published by thierry on 11.06.2014
Hello everybody! My name is Matt and I am the Activities Officer of the Brisbane campus. As some of you may know, myself, and several other Langports
Tips to improve your English: how to skim and scan
published by thierry on 04.06.2014
Hello dear students. My name is Hester and I am one of the English teachers based on the Gold Coast. I have been teaching English at Langports for m