Month: July 2016
Differences between study in Australia and Japan
published by langports on 27.07.2016
Hi, my name is Ryo and I’m from Kanagawa, Japan. I’m 22 years old and I’m doing an Internship at Langports in the Marketing and Communication De
What is a Determiner?
published by langports on 20.07.2016
This week’s blog has been brought to you by the Gold Coast academic team and will explain to you what a determiner is.  To begin with, you must und
New Activities Officer at Langports Brisbane
published by langports on 13.07.2016
Hi! My name is Angus Pell and I am new to Langports Brisbane.  I am the new Recreation & Community Engagement Officer, formerly known as the Acti
What is happening in my life after studying at Langports
published by Anna on 06.07.2016
Hi there, my name is Carol Trombelli, I studied at Langports Gold Coast. Nearly two and a half years ago I took the most important decision in my life