Month: October 2016
Reading Tips & Techniques
published by langports on 26.10.2016
Hi, I’m Danni and I’ve been a teacher at Langports Sydney for the past two years. Having been lucky enough to teach students from lots of differen
My experience after being selected one of the winners of the “Best Semester Abroad Queensland”
published by langports on 19.10.2016
Hi my name is Vero Valdez, today I want to share my experience on how I won the scholarship from best semester abroad and the reason about why I wante
New Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) at Langports Brisbane
published by langports on 12.10.2016
Hi everyone! My name is Terry O’Loughlin and I am the new Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS) at Langports Brisbane . I have recently been appoint
published by langports on 05.10.2016
Hi, I am Nicole Capodieci, the new Principal at Langports Sydney. Today, I would like to talk about public speaking, when mastered is one of the most