Month: December 2017
The true meaning of Christmas at Langports
published by langports on 20.12.2017
Hello, Langports students! I am John France, the founder of Langports English Language College and chairman of The Langports Group.  Today, I wou
What does the Boomerang on the English Study Tours logo mean?
published by langports on 13.12.2017
Hi, my name is Jake France and I am the Director of English Study Tours here at Langports.  I look after the group programs across all three Langport
What is the format of the Cambridge FCE and CAE reading and Use of English test?
published by langports on 06.12.2017
Hi there and welcome to this week’s blog on the Cambridge FCE & CAE reading and Use of English test. My name is Hayden Meads and I am the Direct