The Library – the forgotten gem!
published by langports on 15.02.2017
Hi everyone! We are Birgit (Director of Studies) and Danni (Acting Assistant Director of Studies) at Langports Sydney. In today’s blog, we woul
English – A Truly International Language
published by Marion on 08.02.2017
 Hi Guys, It’s Matt here, Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane. Today, I want to look at English and explain why it truly is an international
Langports’ Cambridge Closed Courses
published by Marion on 01.02.2017
Hello everyone!! Greetings from the Langports’ Marketing Team 🙂 Today, we specially want to talk about the benefits students can get after do
The best things about being a host family
published by Marion on 25.01.2017
My name is Bronwyn Ellens and I have been homestay mother for Langports Sydney for about a year now. I have two boys in their 20’s. One son is a
My wonderful experience with Langports
published by Marion on 18.01.2017
Hello! I want to talk about my experience at Langports School in Brisbane, my name is Veronica Valdez and I am Ambassador of Queensland!    
Adverbs of Cause and Effect
published by Marion on 11.01.2017
Hello, I am Hayden Meads, the Director of Studies at Langports Gold Coast. I would like to talk about “adverbs of cause and effect”, which
Langports becomes your second home…
published by langports on 04.01.2017
Last year, Ana Maria, one of our students from the Gold Coast Campus gave a wonderful speech at graduation. We asked her to send it to us to share wit
Christmas in Australia!
published by langports on 21.12.2016
Hello, Langports students! I am John France, the founder of Langports English Language College and chairman of The Langports Group. Today, I would li
Welcome to Langports Gold Coast :)
published by langports on 14.12.2016
My name is Irina and I play the role of the Accommodation Officer here at Langports on the Gold Coast. I look after the accommodation placements on th
What is the EAP course?
published by langports on 08.12.2016
Hi! I’m Stella Sun, currently teaching EAP course at Sydney campus. Did you know that Langports offers an EAP course? This blog will answer your
The Langports Foundation
published by langports on 30.11.2016
Hello everyone! I’m Birgit, Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Sydney. Today, I would like to share the story of one of our students who cho
Improving your Vocabulary
published by langports on 23.11.2016
Hello, I am Hayden Meads, the Director of Studies at Langports Gold Coast. Today I would like to provide you with an approach to learning vocabulary t