How Australia made me a stronger person!
published by langports on 15.08.2017
Hello everyone! My name is Ján Šimko and I work at Langports Sydney as an Administration Assistant. But I’m also a circus performer and a master s
Three English tips that could help to ensure that you get the most out of your studies!
published by langports on 09.08.2017
Hi Everyone! My name is Jane and I am a teacher at Langports Brisbane. I have a corporate background but have been a teacher for a number of years. In
How did Langports makes me feel at home?
published by langports on 02.08.2017
Hello 🙂 My name is Maria Jose. I am 17 years old and I came from Medellin Colombia. I was studying at Langports for 5 months.
When a Costume Tells the Story!
published by langports on 26.07.2017
Hi everyone! My name is Shane, I’m the Recreational and Community Engagement Officer at Langports Gold Coast and I am here today to share some of th
What makes the CAE Flexi course unique and why do our students love it?
published by langports on 19.07.2017
Hi, Everyone 🙂 My name is Stella. I am teaching the CAE Flexi Course at Langports Sydney. Did you know that Langports Sydney has a brand new CAE Fl
How will studying and working at Langports teach you to understand other cultures?
published by langports on 12.07.2017
Hello Everyone! My name is Aron Kim and I am the supervisor of one of the Groups in Langports Brisbane. I was born in Brazil and I am the son of lov
Why was my experience as a TOEIC student at Langports one of the best of my life?
published by langports on 05.07.2017
Hi everyone! I am Yui Akagashi and I am from Japan. I have been in Australia for 9 months.
Have you identified your true learning style?
published by langports on 28.06.2017
Hello, I am Hayden Meads, the Director of Studies at Langports Gold Coast, today I would like to talk about different learning styles! Learning a sec
Admiring our students!
published by langports on 21.06.2017
Hi everyone! I am Leona Siano, Langports Sydney‘s Receptionist. Today I will be writing about you, and how much I admire you.
What does it mean to be an International Student?
published by langports on 14.06.2017
Hello, my name is Claudia Salazar and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for the Latin America region at Langports. Today, I would like to discuss wh
What are the differences between TOEIC and IELTS exams?
published by langports on 07.06.2017
Hi everyone! My name is Fabiana Traversin. I am a teacher at Langports Brisbane, but at the moment, I am working as Acting Assistant Director of Studi
How students can make the most of their time here in Australia?
published by langports on 30.05.2017
Hey Everyone! We are Beatriz & Shane the Receptionist & Recreation Officer at Langports Gold Coast! Today we would like to talk about our da