Brisbane: it’s not just South Bank!
published by langports on 10.03.2021
Hello from Langports! When we ask our students what they got up to on the weekend, 99.9% of the time (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration!) stude
EXTRA-ordinary English ONLY
published by Anna on 24.02.2021
Everyone wants to be successful in life and the great majority of Langports’ students also think that being successful in English is a way to achiev
10 Tips To Improve Your English
published by Anna on 20.01.2021
My name is Hayden and I am the Director of Studies at Langports, Gold Coast. I have held this position for more than 6 years and I would like to share
Why is Langports the best choice to help you prepare for taking Cambridge Tests?
published by Anna on 09.12.2020
Why is Langports the best choice to help you prepare for taking Cambridge Tests? Hi everyone!  We would like to tell you why Langports provides the b
Trust me, you will have a great time here!
published by Anna on 18.11.2020
Hi guys, my name is Pickay. I’m a student at Langports and I have been studying for 6 months. This is my first time in Australia and I’m living in
IELTS – What To Expect !
published by Anna on 28.10.2020
Why study IELTS? Do you want to study at an Australian tertiary provider in order to gain an academic qualification? Maybe you have already completed
G’day Mate! – Learn the most common Australian slang words!
published by Anna on 07.10.2020
You made it to Australia! You’re living and studying here, got your Kangaroo selfie, and learnt about Australian birds the hard way… But n
Tips For Improving Your Speaking
published by Anna on 23.09.2020
Tips For Improving Your Speaking Speaking is one of the most clearly recognised language skills. It is unique among Writing, Reading and Listening bec
Every day is a good day
published by langports on 25.08.2020
G’day, mates! My name is Trang. I’m a second-year student from Vietnam which is a small country near China in Asia. My dream Coming to Aus
Reading tips for ESL learners
published by langports on 13.08.2020
How can you improve your reading? You guessed it … read! Here are 5 tips to improve your reading?: Read for enjoyment The text you choose to read sh
I will go back to my country and achieve my dream
published by langports on 31.07.2020
Hi, My name is Pham Viet Anh but normally in the school, my teacher and friends call me VA. Life in Vietnam I’m 21 years old and from Vietnam. I’v
The best sunrise and sunset spots in Sydney
published by langports on 24.07.2020
You made it to Sydney! Now you want to be making sure to capture it in all its beauty – especially during those magical sunrise and sunset hours