Be Yourself, Be Different
published by langports on 23.01.2019
The reason I decided to study abroad was my career. I used to work in a global pharmaceutical company in Japan. The company had a rule that one needs
Tips for getting past challenges when “hitting a plateau”
published by langports on 15.01.2019
Hey guys! My name is Deniz and I’ve been teaching at Langports Sydney for just over a year now. Today, I want to talk about one of the biggest chall
5 Unexpected Ways that Studying English can Change Your Life
published by langports on 08.01.2019
1.Improve brain health There have be numerous studies that show the many cognitive benefits gained from learning another language.  These benefits ca
Highlights of 2018 at Langports
published by langports on 02.01.2019
As another year has come to an end, it is time to reflect on what we achieved in 2018 and look forward to making a positive contribution in 2019. Janu
Flashbacks of 2018 Langports Gold Coast School
published by langports on 21.12.2018
As the Director of Studies of Langports Gold Coast, I feel privileged to work alongside amazing professionals as part of my academic role and to lead
Meet the Langports team! Ivy
published by langports on 18.12.2018
In today’s “meet the Langports team” blog, we would like to share the profile of our Sydney school Enrolments Officer, Ivy! Ivy WANG Hobbies: Pl
The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
published by langports on 12.12.2018
As we head towards Christmas and we celebrate all of the good things in our lives, I’d like to talk about the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, w
How to successfully search for a room
published by langports on 05.12.2018
In October, I have gone through my first challenge in Australia, which was looking for a room. It required me to focus so much that my brain was alway
The pros and cons of engaging with different cultures
published by langports on 28.11.2018
Why is it so valuable to make friends with people from different countries? Studying at Langports, you will have an amazing opportunity to meet countl
Meet the Langports team! Francine
published by langports on 20.11.2018
In today’s “meet the Langports team” blog, we would like to share the profile of our Gold Coast school receptionist, Francine ! Francine
Learning English at Langports
published by langports on 13.11.2018
Hello, my name is Terry O’Loughlin and I am the Assistant Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane. I have worked here since October 2011 and thoro
Time – Use it well, Use it Wisely
published by langports on 07.11.2018
Last week, Netflix released the final season of their first original series, House of Cards. As a fan of the show, I felt that this was the right time