Improve your English grammar the smart way!


English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it’s at the top of the most studied languages worldwide; being able to communicate effectively in English is a prized skill that undoubtedly opens countless doors. However, many find learning grammar a daunting task for various reasons. Nonetheless, there are useful ways to study that can help you achieve proficiency in the language; in today’s blog we will give you ten tips that will help you improve your English grammar skills:1. Start with the BasicsBefore diving too deep into the intricacies of English grammar, start by learning the basics. Understand the parts of speech, basic sentence structures, and verb tenses; it’s okay to take your time honing the basics, as these building blocks are the key for a deeper understanding of the English language and the more complex grammatical structures you will find in the future.
2. Read WidelyReading is an essential tool for improving your language skills. Reading exposes you to different writing styles, sentence structures, and vocabulary, allowing you to improve your comprehension and writing ability. Langports has libraries available in both our Brisbane and Gold Coast schools, and if you’re at a loss of where to start, asking your teacher for recommendations is always an option!

3. Listen CloselyListening to spoken English helps you to understand how words are pronounced and how they are used in context, this is specially important as the Australian accent is unique and different from other anglophone nations, so attention to pronunciation and intonation must be paid. You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows and of course, try to mingle with Australians to learn directly from them.

4. Watch MoviesWatching movies is a fun and effective way of improving your English grammar skills. You can learn new vocabulary, common phrases, and how to use idioms in context; Australia has a burgeoning film making scene with many productions being screened throughout the years, you can ask your teachers or the Langports staff for their favourite Aussie movies and give them a try!5. Practice WritingWriting in English is an excellent way to improve your grammar skills. You can start by writing short paragraphs, essays, original stories or even keeping a journal.6. Use Online ResourcesOnline resources such as grammar checkers, dictionaries, and grammar websites are helpful when you need to validate your writing. They help you identify and correct errors in real-time and they’re a useful tool to strengthen your skills in and outside of the classroom. 7. Join One of Our Option CoursesWith Langports’ unique UFO program students have the option to participate in a selective of their choice, with subjects ranging from grammar, conversation, vocabulary, business English and more. 8. Get FeedbackFind someone who can provide feedback on your writing and speaking. It could be a friend, teacher, or language exchange partner. Langports organizes feedback sessions for our students every Monday, so teachers and students have a better understanding of the progress and needs of a particular person.9. Learn From Your MistakesMistakes are opportunities to improve your grammar skills. Take note of them, revise what mistakes you’re more prone to making and seek help in understanding how these happened and how you can move past them.10. Be Consistent, and Never Give Up!Learning a language takes time and effort and consistency is key to mastering English grammar. Set a study schedule and stick to it, but don’t get discouraged if you need more time and help than your peers – remember they were once in your shoes too! If you’re struggling don’t hesitate to reach out to your teacher and ask them for support.
In conclusion, improving your English grammar skills is achievable with these ten tips. Happy learning everyone!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us.
Anna Bell
CEO, Langports