Month: June 2012
You Will Find A Way
published by thierry on 26.06.2012
Hi! My name is Connie and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for South America at Langports and I DO NOT LIKE VEGEMITE 🙂 (Sorry Nadine!) I came ac
Vegemite, An Aussie Icon
published by thierry on 19.06.2012
Hello!  My name is Nadine and I’m the Student Services Manager at Langports’ Gold Coast campus; I’m also a happy little Vegemite. “What’s a
How To Improve Writing, Listening and Reading
published by thierry on 13.06.2012
Hi! I’m Michael, and I’m a teacher at Langports in Brisbane. Today, I’d like to continue with what my colleague Tymara talked about last week, w
Make the most of studying in Brisbane!
published by thierry on 05.06.2012
Hi! My name is Tymara and I’m a teacher here at Langports Brisbane.   When I first started, about 4 years ago, I taught level 2.  The best thing