Make the most of studying in Brisbane!


Hi! My name is Tymara and I’m a teacher here at Langports Brisbane.   When I first started, about 4 years ago, I taught level 2.  The best thing about my job is seeing students’ English improve.  I’m trying to learn Spanish at the moment, (I’m level zero!!), so I know how hard it is to learn a foreign language.   I’d love to be one of those students who goes from beginner to upper-intermediate! WOW!

Today, I wanted to write about how to improve your English.  I have a lot of students who ask me the best way to improve their speaking.  My answer is always the same: PRACTICE! If you live with a homestay family, it’s easy to speak English all the time.  If you live in a share-house and your housemates speak the same language as you, it can be a lot harder.  So what can you do? Well, when I was teaching FCE flexi a few weeks ago, we came up with a brilliant (yet simple) idea.  Get together with a few people from your morning or afternoon class and go and have a coffee (or a beer) together.  I think it’s really important to use the English that you learn at school and having a chat with your mates is a great way to do this! If you’re feeling really brave, try to talk to an Aussie!  I know we’re hard to understand, but the more you try, the easier it gets!  I reckon Australians are a pretty friendly bunch, so say ‘G’day’ to your bus driver, bartender or the cashiers at Coles.

Good luck 🙂